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Searching the Image Gallery
Ordering and paying for reproduction rights and/or scans
How to order images using Your Basket.
How to use lightboxes to form, organise, store and share your personalised collections of images.
Information about computer settings that are required to use this site.
Links to the latest version of browsers
How to print orders, invoices and lightbox pages from this site.
Searching the Image Gallery
Once you have logged in, you will have the choice of three Search methods. You can also go to Search page from the navigation bar at the top of the page.
Use the Look for box to define the specific details of your search. This can be the name of the artist, the title of the piece or words that describe concepts. You can use several words in the same search.
The search engine is not case sensitive so it does not matter if you use uppercase or lowercase, or both.
You can use the optional drop down menus for Artist Culture, Artistic field and Medium to further refine your search.
If you leave the Look for box empty, your search will give you all the images of the selected type.
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Ordering and paying for reproduction rights and/or scans
As you choose the images, place each item into My Quote Basket. You can do this by clicking on the shopping trolley icon or the Add to Basket button.
You will be asked to choose whether you require the reproduction rights alone or whether you wish to order a scan as well. The reproduction details can be edited for each item in the My Quote Basket
My Quote Basket shows all the items you have selected. You can remove an item from My Quote Basket at any time.
When you want to proceed with obtaining a quote, click the Quote My Basket button and follow the prompts to enter details of how the work will be reproduced. Once completed your request will be sent to Viscopy, who will provide you with a quote within 2 business days. In some instances we may request additional information from you. You will be sent email notification once your request has been quoted. Follow the prompts to accept the quotation and either pay online securely with a credit card, or charge the fee to your account (by prior arrangement with Viscopy).
Please contact the Viscopy licensing department on (+61 2) 9310 2018 if you have any questions.
When your payment has been received you will be granted licensing rights for the specific reproduction requested only.
If you requested a high resolution scan it will be emailed to you within 7 days
The My Requests page also records any orders that you have made but are yet to be paid. You can visit this page to reprint Tax Invoices and licence details.
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Lightboxes allow you to manage your images before you decide to submit a request for their use. The lightbox feature is popular with designers and advertising agencies and other users with diverse approval cycles and time critical workflows
You can organise your selections into groups (lightboxes) and give each lightbox a name. You can create multiple lightboxes and add or remove items from each collection.
Each lightbox can be emailed to other people for information, discussion or review. The recipients will not need a username and password to open the lightbox. When you are satisfied with your selection you can transfer the items to My Quote Basket.
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Cookies are small amount of information stored on your computer by the Internet site you visit.
You must choose to accept the cookie when prompted, in order to logon to Viscopy Library site.
Please log on to Viscopy Library site again after changing the cookie setting and try to order the images.
How to setup cookies for MS Internet Explorer
1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced
2. Choose "Override authomatic cookie handling"
3. Choose "Prompt" for First-party Cookies
4. Choose "Prompt" for Third-party Cookies
This setting will allow you either to accept or reject the cookies.
Once internet options have been changed to enable cookies, you have to close your browser and reopen to affect changes.
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Some areas of this site may not display correctly on older versions of your browser. You can get the latest version of two popular browsers here:
Click here to download Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.
Click here to download Netscape 6.
For all technical enquiries please email:
If your printer clips the side of the page when printing from this site (eg lightboxes, invoices) try one of the following:
* in Page Set Up, set margins to zero or the smallest size allowed
* in Page Set Up, choose landscape instead of portrait
* in Page Set Up, choose "shrink to fit" if that option is available.
or, if the above techniques do not help,
* copy the web page (Control-A then Control-C) and paste it (Control-V) into Outlook or Outlook Express, Save the email and Print the email.
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