Terms of use
The Terms and Conditions of use constitute a legal agreement between you and Viscopy. Please read this agreement in its entirety before you continue to use this website or download any image.
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Agreement to these Terms and Conditions will result in the granting of a one off non-exclusive right to use the selected imagery for the permitted purpose as approved by Viscopy.
Viscopy will charge market fees to clients.
Viscopy, through the Licensing Manager, retains the right to quote applicable fees.
All figures/prices quoted prior to confirmation of Order are in Australian dollars (unless otherwise stated) and does not include Goods and Services Tax (GST).
Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be itemised in accordance with GST Law.
Cancellation Fees
Once a quote is accepted, a cancellation fee of $70.00 is applicable.
Conditions of Use
* All material supplied is owned by Viscopy's members and cannot be sub-licensed or on sold (assigned) to Third Parties.
* Viscopy provides the license and/or images on the basis of a one off non-exclusive right to use the specified works for the approved use.
* All material must be returned to Viscopy or its suppliers or destroyed after use.
* All copyright requirements must be adhered to. Any misuse of images will result in breach of copyright and legal action will be taken.
* The artist's moral rights must be adhered to.
* All Mandatory Credits must be adhered to, without exception:
  • Artists must be named
  • Images must be titled correctly
  • Viscopy must be acknowledged
  • Mandatory credit to be placed as close as practicable to reproduced image
* If the required Mandatory credit is not reproduced a 50% surcharge on the invoiced fee will be incurred.
* Exhibition/Collection catalogues for non-profit museum may only be available from museum premises or venue/s of exhibition.
* Each surface of leaflets once folded is to be treated as one page.
* Educational posters must included text and information other than or in addition to acknowledgment of the artist and work and exhibition/museum opening and closing times.
* Educational course packs include sample examination papers, teacher's guides and materials relevant only to specific courses prepared by educational authorities or institutions. Papers for school students prepared by not-for-profit museums in conjunction with exhibitions and/or their permanent collections.
* Licensees must not alter the Works in any way without obtaining Viscopy's prior written consent.
* The agent on behalf of the copyright owner reserves the right to approve all proofs prior to production.
* No 'Statutory Rights' are granted. For example: photocopying, electronic copying or 'off-air' videotaping, communication or cable retransmission by educational institutions, government or other users.
* You are required to provide two (2) copies of the licensed material to Viscopy unless otherwise specified.
* You shall take all necessary measures to impede the commercial exploitation of the Work other than as anticipated by this agreement. For example, by prominently displaying copyright notices on your web sites etc.
*For security reasons, online copies must not exceed 400 x 400 pixels for resolution and 72 for definition.
* Viscopy reserves the right to terminate the licence for non payment or non compliance with licensing terms.
* This licence is subject to the law of New South Wales.
* All disputes arising out of this Licence shall be submitted to mediation in accordance with the rules of the Arts Law Mediation Service, a program of the Arts Law Centre of Australia, prior to having recourse to arbitration or litigation.
* Any amendment to this Licence must be in writing, signed by both parties & attached to this Licence.
Viscopy retains the right to change or alter the Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notification.